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Van Eyck in Ghent

On Monday 21 February 2020 we travelled to the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. Unknowing we were only a few weeks away of the premature closing of the exhibition and indeed the lockdown of the whole country. We were welcomed by drs. Frederica Van Dam, one of the curators of the exhibition working at the MSK. With an insightful presentation she showed us the set-up of the exhibition, an overview of the years of planning and the hard work the team put into the loans and the new research on the panels of the Adoration of the Lamb by Van Eyck, after the skillful restoration by the team of KIK-IRPA. Frederica showed us the many drawings, prints and manuscripts in the exhibition. After this, we could finally see the beauty of the panels in relation to the other work by Van Eyck and his contemporaries, both in the Netherlands and Italy, in real life. We were very fortunate to have had the chance to see this exhibition, which later became awarded by the Apollo Award for exhibition of the year 2020, before closure. We hope 2021 will bring more group visits to wonderful exhibitions and the chance to meet each other again!


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