Thursday, 24 September 2020 Born on this day: Johannes Jelgerhuis, 1770 A NEW UNPRECEDENTED ACADEMIC YEAR HAS STARTED ARS GRAPHICA HAS SOME NEWS TO REVEAL! Dear Ars Graphica members, The whole AG Team would like to wish you a wonderful and productive academic year! After having edited more than 50 News Corners, our communication coordinator Silvia Massa, who in January 2020 became "Volontärin" in the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin, is handing on the torch to new Ars Graphica collaborators. We would like to deeply thank her for her dedication and accuracy in circulating news about the graphic arts to the whole community of Ars Graphica for the last three years. A DYNAMIC TEAM OF TWO SCHOLARS W

Catalogues of the collection of the Print Room of the University of Warsaw Library are out now!

With the greatest pride and joy, we would like to present the latest catalogues of the collection of the Print Room of the University of Warsaw Library. They are the result of scientific research, queries and consultations conducted in the years 2014-2019, as well as of a meticulous multi-stage publishing process. Turn on English subtitles Published jointly, in a uniform edition, the catalogues cover four main parts of the collection of the university's collection of prints and drawings, whose bicentenary of existence was celebrated in 2018. The catalogues in both Polish and English are fully illustrated and prepared with the application of scientific methodology. The catalogues cover a few

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