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International art historians, museum professionals, dealers, conservators, artists, MA & PHD students working with or passionate of prints, drawings, photography and graphic design:
you are all Welcome! 
Our aim is to get to know each other, further the exchanges of ideas and promote the graphic arts

Ars Graphica joins local and global forces together to create a new approach to networking!

Each local centre is connected to the global network. Interactions between the various communities highlight this unique experience!

What's unique about Ars Graphica?

Ars Graphica connects
Graphic art enthusiasts together

Get connected to the graphic world!

become part of the community!
as a member, you can:
  • subscribe to the News corner, our bi-monthly issue
  • receive our newsletter
  • register to the mailing listS of our satellites
  • attend all the events organised by a satellite

become a MEMBER

IT'S free

Please read our privacy policy. Major attention is given to the processing of your data; we won't share them nor use them for other purposes than the one explained in the document.

Why subscribing?
  • Contribute to the promotion of the graphic heritage in your area

  • Actively take part to a scientific community

  • Increase your network

  • Become aware of other members’ project

  • Discover exclusive places & collections

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