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ABOUT ARs Graphica

Ars graphicA is


ARS GRAPHICA is an international network for the promotion and the appreciation of the graphic arts. Its focus is on Old Master & contemporary prints, Old Master & contemporary drawings,  photography, graphic design, illustrated books and artist's books. Its membership comprises a wide range of graphic art enthusiasts, including professionals, specialists, students & amateurs.

Our missions are:

  • to create an international community of graphic art enthusiasts

  • to serve as a platform for the exchanges of ideas & debates

  • to provide meeting & networking opportunities for our members

  • to share current news about opportunities, issues & events

  • to promote the creation, preservation & conservation of the graphic arts

our distinctive feature is to work on an international as much as a local level

Our main activities encompass:

  • the creation of local or specialists groups coordinated by one or several members of the AG Team

  • the organisation of international events (workshops, symposiums, forums, meetings)

  • the organisation of collection visits, informal meeting arranged through our various satellites 

  • the creation of partnerships or collaborations with institutions, associations, etc.

  • the achievement of scientific or artistic publications

  •  the circulation of the news regarding the graphic arts and our members' projects

The structure

Contact us

the CENTRAL committee

  • Coordination : Elisabeth Bracke


Communication coordinators 

Iris Louwersheimer

Marte Sophie Meessen



Victoria Fleury

Satellites coordinator

Elisabeth Bracke

Coordinators of AG DUTCH & FLEMISH

Elisabeth Bracke

Laurien van der Werff


Coordinators of AG LONDON

Bryony Bartlett-Rawlings

Hannah Lyons


Coordinators of AG PARIS

Blanche Llaurens

Aude Briau


Coordinators of AG POLSKA

Magdalena Herman

Weronika Kobylińska-Bunsch


Coordinators of AG ROMA

Sabrina Pasquale

Ilaria Sferrazza


Visual Communication & Graphic design graphic design

We would like to deeply thank everyone who collaborated with Ars Graphica in the past: 

Jonas Beyer, Alexandra Blanc, Christian Féraud, Maria-Dolores Garcia-Aznar, Marie-Noëlle Grison, Camille Jaquier, Grażyna Jurkowlaniec, Naomi Lebens, Jeroen Luyckx, Francesca Mariano, Silvia Massa, Geraldine Meyer, Sabine Peinelt-Schmidt, Julia Rössel, Fabienne Ruppen, Joachim Sieber, Ludovica Tiberti and Joyce Zelen.

our story

our story

the ARS GRAPHICA network is an international platform, which aims to connect art historians, museum professionals, conservators, students and artists working within the field of the graphic arts. It was founded in 2013 by Alexandra Blanc and Christian Féraud. The first intention was to create opportunities for scholars working within the same field of research to get to know each other. This idea came to us because, at that time, we were both living in Switzerland at only 50 km away without knowing we were both studying the same discipline and we end up meeting at the Kupferstichkabinett in Dresden. This was the starting point to create Ars Graphica. 


Today, bringing together graphic art enthusiasts is still our priority!

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