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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Born on this day: Laurenz Janscha (1749-1812)

Dear reader,

Please find below some of the fantastic exhibitions, events, and CFP or jobs of this month.

Did you know you can join the Ars Graphica satellites, for extra information, an AG network, and local excursions?


#Amsterdam The Rijksmuseum ,Amsterdam, will open their exhibition on XXL paper tomorrow (1 July)! Big, bigger, biggest, don't miss it! On view until 4 September.

#Amsterdam The Rembrandthuis opened the exhibition 'Rembrandt Revival' (until 30 October). Manet, Morisot, Whistler, Cassatt — these are just a few of the famous painters who were inspired by Rembrandt to start making their own etchings.

#Oxford The Picture Gallery Christ Church opened 'Impressions of Raphael - Immortality & Myth of an artist' (until 17 October 2022). Raphael’s artistic fame never died and the medium of print helped to spread it, while also satisfying the demand to own the master’s ideas and designs. At the centre of this exhibition will be prints from the collection of Henry Aldrich (1648-1710) whose fascination with Raphael went far beyond collecting the artist’s designs to using them for his own creative output.

#Warsaw In the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw the exhibition 'Warsaw Dancers 1944. Mieczysław Wejman' presents wartime graphics and sketches by Mieczysław Wejman (1912-1997), painter, graphic artist, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, co-founder of the International Print Biennial in Krakow. In the artist's work, people subjected to the horrors of war are dancers in a disturbing and somber performance. On show until 13 October.

#Warsaw A new photography gallery was opened within the Gallery of 19th Century Art of the National Museum in Warsaw. The exhibition will be replaced every 3 months. The first installment shows the oldest photographs from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

#Washington The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art 'The Renaissance in the North: New Prints and Perspectives' opens on the 3rd of July. The exhibit introduces the creative genius and extraordinary skill of artists and printmakers who shaped the Northern Renaissance. Click here to check out a video for a first impression.

#AthensUSA #X2 There are two exhibitions at the Georgia Museum of Art: the exhibit 'In Dialogue: Views of Empire: Grand and Humble' (until august 21) shows lithographs; and the exhibit 'Graphic Eloquence: American Modernism on Paper' artworks from the collection of Michael T. Ricker (closes 4 september). Find more information here.

#Kansas The exhibition in Wichita, Kansas: The International Block Print Renaissance Then and Now: A Centennial Celebration of Block Prints, is on show until 7 August 2022.

#Houston The exhibition 'Virtual Realities: The Art of Escher, from the Michael S. Sachs Collection, on display until 5 September 2022, features more than 400 works of art.

#Frankfurt At the Städel Museum you can find the exhibition 'Into the New' with American art on paper from 1945 to the present. On view until 17 July 2022.

#GettyLA Until 10 July you can see the exhibition Flesh and Bones: the Art of Anatomy at the Getty. At the intersection of art and science, this exhibition looks at the shared vocabulary of anatomical images and at the different methods used to reveal the body through a wide range of media, from woodcut to neon.

#LouvreParis The exhibition at the Louvre on Giorgio Vasari: The Book of Drawings. The Fate of a Legendary Collection is on display until the 18th of July.

#MET #NY The newest installation of the print room of the MET features newly acquired works by Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, and Edvard Munch, alongside a selection of works by Dutch artists from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. Sixteenth-century ornament drawings and prints from the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy will be on view as well as a group of designs for decorative arts and interiors. Images of birds from the late sixteenth to the twenty-first century and depictions of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius will round out the display. Showing from 7 July to 11 October.

#Brussels The James Ensorhouse in Brussels show an extraordinary collection of drawings from James Ensor and the KBR. The Print Room of KBR (Brussels) manages the largest collection of paper works in Belgium. Among them are documents from the 16th to the 20th century. In addition to drawings collected for their documentary or topographical character, the Print Room also owns masterpieces by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Peter Paul Rubens and Jacob Jordaens, and more.


#curator The British Library London is looking to recruit a full-time Curator with a specialist interest in 16th-18th century prints. Check the details here. DL: 3 July.

#curator The Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton NJ, welcomes applications for an Assistant, Associate, or full Curator of Prints and Drawings! Apply on their website.

#grant #lastchance The American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS) provides publication grants twice a year. The deadlines are 1 July and 1 January.

#vacancy #photography The Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, is looking for a full-time Head of Presentations and Public Relations! Applying and more info (in Dutch), here. DL: 26 August.

#grant The Association of Print Scholars invites submissions for the 2022 APS Publication Grant, supported by C.G. Boerner and Harris Schrank. The grant supports the publication of innovative scholarly research about printmaking across all time periods and geographic regions. It carries a maximum award of $2,000. Please find more info here! DL: 31 August.

#curatorialassistant The Clark, Williamstown, MA, is looking for a curatorial assistant for works on paper. Responsible for performing a variety of duties and project assignments related to curatorial functions. This is a full time, one year benefit project position renewable for a second year. Apply here!

#prize Master Drawings Association stimulates the dissemination of knowledge in the field of Western draftsmanship since the Renaissance. Their Ricciardi Prize consists of $5000 for the best new and unpublished article on a drawings topic (of any period) by a scholar under the age of 40. Submissions for the 5th Annual Ricciardi Prize should be submitted by: 15 November 2022.

#job #curator Columbia University Libraries seeks a Curator to support and develop the fundamental collection-related activities of Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library’s Drawings & Archives division.


#cfp #lastchance #photography In the workshop Re-Thinking Photobooks, organised by the Philipps-Universität Marburg, participants are invited to explore how both canonical and/or understudied examples have contributed to the structure and history of the “photobook format” as it relates to other forms and genres. It will take place in Marburg between 14 and 16 October 2022. DL: 1 July.

#cfp #lastchance Send your abstract for the symposium on Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Drawing, organised in conjunction with the major exhibition Tales of the City: Drawing in the Netherlands from Bosch to Bruegel, today. It will be held in person at the Cleveland Museum of Art, on November 4 2022. DL: 1 July.

#cfp #lastchance The conference Engraving dance, music, science and geography (in Paris on 21-22 November) is calling for papers. DL: 1 July.

#cfp #photography The editors of Philosophy of Photography invite contributions to a special issue: Violence! Photography’s ubiquity means that it touches all realms of life. It has arguably taken on a new and fundamental characteristic as the way that things emerge in heavily technologized societies. Violence is undoubtedly a determining category of this mode of society. Information on the submission can be found here. The special issue will appear in Autumn 2022. DL: 30 July.

#cfp #Habsburg The newly founded Belvedere Research Journal (BRJ) is inviting submissions, seeking articles that shed new light on the visual culture of the former Habsburg Empire and Central Europe broadly defined from the medieval period to the present day. More info here. DL: 30 September.

#cfp The fourth edition of the Material and Visual Culture Seminar Series of the University of Edinburgh invites proposals for twenty-minute papers from postgraduate and early-career researchers. The seminars aim to explore a wide variety of themes, and localities within the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (broadly defined) to foster methodological and interdisciplinary dialogue. DL: 31 July.

#cfp #WW2 The European Postwar and Contemporary Art Forum (EPCAF) calls for papers for their annual meeting on 15-18 February 2023, titled 'Graphic Images: WWII and the Holocaust in Print'. More info here. DL for abstracts: 14 September.


#fun The Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam, organizes 1 hour etching summer courses in the museum on several dates in July, August, September and October. You can buy a ticket for 5 euro on their website. And while you're at it, check out their other events, such as their lectures on Rembrandt Revival on 11 August and 10 September (only in Dutch).


#book The Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) not only manages millions of books, but also has 25,000 drawings, making it the largest collection of drawings in the country. These masterpieces have now been studied and brought together in a new book titled: Bruegel and Beyond – Netherlandish Drawings in the Royal Library of Belgium, 1500-1800.

#blog Did you know that the University of Leiden holds hundreds of drawings, prints and etchings made by 17th- and 18th-century women in their Special Collections? Curator Jef Schaeps wrote about these stunning works of art.


See you next month!

The News Corner Team,

Iris Louwersheimer &

Marte Sophie Meessen

AG communication coordinators


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