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As this year is coming to a close, Ars Graphica satellites never rest and in December they will meet their members for two special events: on 4 December AG Swiss will attend a curator tour of the exhibition "Max Sulzbachner. Mondnächte und Basler Tamtam" at the Kunstmuseum Basel, while on 11 December AG Paris will travel to the Musée de Cluny in Paris to visit the exhibition 'Mystérieux coffrets. Estampes au temps de la dame à la licorne'. Scroll down to the end of The News Corner to read more details concerning these two events! And don't forget to check our blog to read a report by AG Dutch&Flemish dedicated to their afternoon spent in Brussels to admire graphic works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


Thursday, 28 November 2019

Born on this day: William Blake (1757)


Madrid, Museo Lázaro Galdiano: Dibujos de Guillermo Martín Bermejo. Exposición "La pléyade de La España Moderna" (until 12 January 2020). This exhibition shows the pencil portraits made by Guillermo Martín Bermejo (Madrid, 1971) depicting 16 writers who published in José Lázaro Galdiano's «La España Moderna» (1889-1914), including Edmond and Jules Goncourt, Gustave Flaubert, Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Nietzsche. The portraits are shown together with copies of the original editions, joining Lázaro's passion for art, literature, drawings and books.

Malta, Valletta, Upper Galleries of the Malta Society of Arts in Palazzo De La Salle: the iMprint biennial (until 30 November). iMprint (founded in 2013 by Jesmond Vassallo) is Malta’s only exhibition dedicated to prints made by some of the best Maltese artists as well as by foreign printmakers. This year, the exhibition features 30 prints by the post-war German artist Horst Janssen, loaned by Janssen’s family, and a collection of prints by one of Malta’s pioneers of modern art: Frank Portelli. 28 contemporary artists will also showcase their prints on this occasion.

Madrid, Prado Museum: The Paper Master. Cartillas para aprender a dibujar de los siglos XVII al XIX (until 2 February 2020).

The exhibition reflects upon the use of drawing books as an essential pedagogical tool for learning drawing and and their evolution in Europe, including Spain. More than 100 examples, the majority from the Prado’s own Library, will be displayed. to understand changes in the system of teaching drawing in artists’ workshops and Fine Arts academies as well as for amateurs at home.

Paris, Musée du Louvre: Officier et gentleman au 19e siècle. La collection Horace His de la Salle (until 10 February 2020).

One of the most generous donors of all time to French museums, Aimé Charles Horace His de La Salle (1795–1878) was a lover of drawings, as well as sculptures and objets d’art. The exhibition displays some of his bequests to several departments of the Louvre (Prints and Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, and Decorative Arts), as well as other artworks loaned from other museums favored by His de La Salle: Alençon, Dijon, Lyon, the École des Beaux-Arts.

Orléans, Musée de Beaux Arts: Dialogues avec le dessin. Estampes su XVIe au XIXe siècle (until 19 January 2020).