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Before the Ars Graphica team takes a well-earned summer break, here are some suggestions for exhibitions to visit this summer, as well as a reminder on some upcoming CFPs and deadlines.


All admirers of the Medici dynasty and of Cosimo I in particular will be thrilled to know that the Uffizi celebrate 500 years since the birth of the first Granduke of Florence with three exhibitions. One of the three, Cento Lanzi per il Principe, is dedicated to the Medici's German Guard corps, the 'Guardia de' Lanzi' until 29 September you can admire a variety of objects and artworks, including prints, recounting the corps and its history.

Amazing single-leaf woodcuts documenting the early days of woodcuts are displayed at the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich, where the exhibition Einblattholzschnitte des 15. Jahrhunderts is open until 22 September. Proudly presented as the "cradle of European printmaking", these 15th-century woodcuts form a unique collection as many of these sheets came from Bavarian monastery libraries in 1803 as a result of secularisation.

The city of Grizzana Morandi (Bologna) is presenting two exhibitions this summer: La lezione di Morandi. Per un museo degli allievi nei Fienili del Campiaro; and Maurizio Boiani, Incisioni Calcografiche 1994-2019 (until 25 August 2019) --> with printmaking workshop on 17-18 August!


For the VAN DE WAAL LECTURE 2019 Pieter Bruegel: the hand of the master. ‘A once in a lifetime exhibition’ - concept, aims and results. The lecture by Manfred Sellink, ​

​Director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, will take place on Thursday 12 September, 18:00-19:30, at the University of Leiden, Academy Building, Klein Auditorium. To attend, please register via



The Association “Officina della Cultura”, operating at Carnello (Frosinone, Lazio Region), small centre on the Fibreno river, with the intent to promote the cultural heritage of the territory, centre of great paper mills now completely in disuse, launches the “XXXIII FIBRENUS PRIZE 2019”-“Carnello cArte ad Arte “. This is year topic is: LIMES cultural limits at the end of a world.

The Committee is composed by: Giulia Napoleone (Commitee chairman - engraver), Simona De Crescenzo (Head of the graphic department of the Vatican Apostolic Library), Gabriella Bocconi (Art historian at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica, Rome), Loredana Rea (Curator), Marco D’Emilia (Artistic director), Giuseppe Rea (Architect and member of the Association Officina della Cultura).

Read all details here, apply by 10 August!


There is an amazing opportunity at the RISD Providence: the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is funding a 3-year, full-time fellowship for an outstanding junior scholar who ​

​wishes to pursue a curatorial career. The Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow will be responsible for supervising the department’s study room, while participating in all aspects of the department’s curatorial work, including proposing and executing exhibitions relevant to the collection. Read the full description here and contact jgabbare(at) for any questions. Apply by 31 August!

More and more proposals are coming out for the CAA 2020 conference which will take place in Chicago next February. Here you have an overview of all topics and sessions already scheduled (deadline to send proposals: 23 July), and here below we list our highlights:

*The Form of the Sketch/The Sketch in All Its Forms

(Association of Historians of 19th-Century Art)

*Registering the Matrix: Printing Matrices as Sites of Artistic Mediation

(Association of Print Scholars)

*Raphael as a Designer

And, on the practice of Drawing:

*Mediating Drawing

*Art and Design Pedagogy: A Fresh Start with Drawing Exercise


This is our last The News Corner before the summer break.

We will meet again in September, with a new format: The News Corner will be published once every month!


Silvia Massa

AG communication coordinator

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