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"Biedermeier"- new temporal exhibition in the National Museum in Warsaw - AG Polska visit

Ars Graphica Polska had a wonderful opportunity to visit the exhibition "Biedermeier" in the National Museum in Warsaw. Our group was warmly welcomed and guided by Ewa Frąckowiak, Piotr Kibort, and Marcin Romeyko-Hurko.

The exhibition featured more than 400 artefacts — paintings, furniture, glassware, porcelain, textiles, clothing, prints, drawings, jewellery and decorative objects. It was the first ever presentation of Biedermeier art in Poland. The presented pieces came from the National Museum in Warsaw and from the national museums in Krakow, Poznań, Szczecin, Gdańsk, and Wrocław, from the regional museums of Jelenia Góra and Konin, from the Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa as well as from historical residence museums including the Museum of King John III's Palace at Wilanów, the Castle Museum in Łańcut, the Castle Museum in Pszczyna and the Museum in Przeworsk. Private collections were also represented.

This impressive range of objects gathered from various institutions was put together in one very consistent and interesting exhibition curated by Anna Kozak and Agnieszka Rosales Rodriguez. Many departments of the National Museum in Warsaw as well as its high profiled specialists were also involved. Among them there were also our kind guides Ewa Frąckowiak, Piotr Kibort, and Marcin Romeyko-Hurko who authored some catalogue entries and three essays in a beautifully edited catalogue of the exhibition.

Our hosts decided to narrate different parts of the exhibition. Drawings and watercolours were presented by Piotr Kibort. Particular attention was drawn to the depictions of the interiors which not only recorded their furnishings in the first half of the 19th century, but also presented the role of prints and drawings in households and residences of the time. Piotr Kibort also explained how educated elites contributed to the art of drawing.

Aleksandra Radziwiłłowa née Stecka, Shpaniv. Sitting room with niche, after 1850
Drawings of Julius Scholtz

Marcin Romeyko-Hurko put the emphasis on landscape views, especially of the popular travel destinations in the rise of health resorts. He also elaborated on popular publishing enterprises as well as scientific and national interests visible through the popularity of landscapes.

Johann Adam Klein, Die Landschaftmahler auf der Reise, 1814

Ewa Frąckowiak provided us with a fascinating insight into the German book and literary illustration. We discussed mainly the works by Eugen Napoleon Neureuther: their artistry, depicted motives, reception, and the publishing issues.

Eugen Napoleon Neureuther, Des Pfarrers Tochter von Taubenhein (!) von Bürger, 1835, 1844
Eugen Napoleon Neureuther, Dornröschen. Märchen von Grimm, 1836

The exhibition in Warsaw was a great success. "Biedermeier" is on view in the National Museum in Szczecin till April 15. However, some works on paper that were in Warsaw are not present in Szczecin due to light exposure limits.

Ars Graphica Polska wants to thank our hosts and guides for thoughtful and insightful talks.

Adolf von Heydeck, View from the window the spa house in Szczawno-Zdrój (Salzbrunn)

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