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Thursday, 29 September 2022

Born on this day: Caravaggio (1571 - 1610)

Dear reader,

We hope you had a splendid summer. Now let's get back to school with our September news, opportunities and exhibitions.


#Amsterdam The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam has several print-focused exhibition spaces ('kabinetjes') which are currently showing some of the highlights of the Print Room Online Project. In the project of 15 years almost all works on paper (about 650,000) have been preserved, registered and digitized. Some of the gems and diverse narratives are now exhibited to celebrate this achievement. On show until 28 November.

#Amsterdam The Rembrandthuis opened the exhibition 'Rembrandt Revival' (until 30 October). Manet, Morisot, Whistler, Cassatt, are just a few of the famous painters who were inspired by Rembrandt to start making their own etchings.

#Oxford The Picture Gallery Christ Church shows 'Impressions of Raphael - Immortality & Myth of an artist' (until 17 October 2022). Raphael’s artistic fame never ceased and the medium of print helped to spread it, while also satisfying the demand to develop own ideas and designs. At the centre of this exhibition will be prints from the collection of Henry Aldrich (1648-1710).

#Warsaw In the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw the exhibition 'Warsaw Dancers 1944. Mieczysław Wejman' presents graphics and sketches by Mieczysław Wejman (1912-1997). In the artist's work, people subjected to the horrors of war are dancers in disturbing and somber performances. On show until 13 October.

#Washington The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art 'The Renaissance in the North: New Prints and Perspectives' is on show until 27 November 2022. Click here to view a video to get an impression.

#Philadelphia #X2 On view in the Philadelphia Museum of Art until 20 March: Macho Men: Hypermasculinity in Dutch & American Prints. See how artists from vastly different historical moments turned robust male physiques into symbols loaded with meaning. And, until 23 October, you can see the exhibit 'By Night': explore how artists have responded to the challenge of depicting darkness in the medium of printmaking.

#MET #NY The latest installation of the print room of the MET features newly acquired works by Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, and Edvard Munch, alongside a selection of works by Dutch artists from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. Showing until 11 October.

#Dublin On view in the National Gallery of Ireland until 6 November: Dutch Drawings: Highlights from the Rijksmuseum.

#London In the Victoria and Albert Museum in London you can go see the exhibit on drawings by Beatrix Potter. On Show until January 2023.

#Harvard #Cambridge D