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Monday 13 November, AG DUTCH & FLEMISH travelled to the city of Leiden to visit two collections of printed materials.

First, we took a guided tour at the Bibliotheca Thysiana. Founded by testament by the jurist Johannes Thysius (1622-1653), this is the only seventeenth-century library in the Netherlands that is preserved at its original purpose-built location. The library holdings consist of about 2500 books from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. After an introduction on its foundation and history, we were able to study some books in detail. Material from the collection can be requested via the catalogue ( and consulted in the Special Collections Reading Room of Leiden University.

After a joint lunch, we were welcomed at the Print Room of Leiden University by curator Jef Schaeps. He introduced us to a large number of works that he had pulled from the depot of the Special Collections. Displayed objects ranged from Jan Gossaert's famous drawing of antique fragments with the Spinario to Indonesian manuscripts. Various prints, drawings and manuscripts were subsequently studied and discussed enthusiastically by our members.

We would like to thank Jef for his hospitality that made this wonderful visit possible.

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